connect groups

Connect Groups are the essence of how we minister to each other at Canterbury Baptist Church. If you would like to learn more about CBC Connect Groups, contact Keith on 0447 439 698 or

  • Our Connect Groups are the basic building blocks of our church life. We have groups for teenagers through to seniors. We encourage everyone to belong to a Connect Group where we connect with Jesus and each other.
  • Our Connect Groups are where caring for each other takes place and where we explore living as Christians in a hectic and pressured world. It’s where we connect the teachings of the Bible to the market-place and where we hold each other accountable.
  • It is in our Connect Groups where we make authentic and enduring relationships with others and where we find encouragement and courage to become all that God wants us to be. It’s where we are stretched to grow beyond the ordinary.

Get connected to a CBC Connect Group to discover the extraordinary person God intends you to be. Get connected – discover life!