Our Vision

Our biblical vision spells out why we are here. Since 2010 we have affirmed that God is moving in three ways among us:

• Being followers of Christ. Jesus calls us all to follow with our whole lives. We nurture that life in God through the Bible, prayer, and encouragement for one another. At CBC we now call this our inspiration.

• Being a community. Gathering us together to worship, to connect in groups, and to commit to one another when we meet and make decisions. At CBC we now call this our belonging.

• Engaging in mission. We are getting on with being change-agents to shape the world according to God's longings. This shows in witness, service, and justice both locally and overseas. At CBC we now call this our purpose.

Therefore our vision statement since 2012 is an invitation to people within and beyond CBC: “Discovering and spreading Inspiration, Belonging and Purpose in God.”

We aim to be holistic and balanced in life at CBC. Therefore we have a 'tidal' approach to ministry here. Our gatherings draw us together - on Sundays, in Messy Church, Reflective gatherings, and potentially other regular services. Our groups coordinate our ministries. We will have at least one group serving in each of the six major ministry areas, as well as groups for specialist fields like youth ministry and family ministry.

We hope and expect that every active participant of our congregation feels they belong to at least one gathering and one group.