strategic Priorities

Deliver inspiration, belonging, and purpose through relevant and life-giving ministries for our congregation and wider community.

Towards Inspiration

1. Spiritual health and growth. Inspire spiritual health and growth in new and established participants at CBC. Build up our spiritual lives by strengthening our prayer life, appreciation of scripture, and ways to encourage one another.

2. Leadership. Inspire a broad base of leadership from the congregation to lead our ministry groups. They are supported by biblical and theological leadership from pastoral team.

Towards Belonging

3. Gatherings. Build our sense of belonging across our whole congregation and within peer groups. This includes offering a variety of worship gatherings, age appropriate events, whole congregation events, and appreciating our heritage.

4. Ministry Groups. We will use groups to plan and offer our events and programs. These groups vary from task groups running events to ‘growth groups’ for bible study or mentoring. Groups members serve together and support one another.

Towards Purpose

5. Discovering and sharing faith. Fulfil our purpose through outreach and faith forming events and programs for people in our local community.

6. Holistic mission. Build the way we encourage witness, service, and justice both here and overseas. Make clearer and long-term commitments to overseas support.

7. Develop and maintain meaningful partnerships. Host faith-based programs or organisations across most of our site in Canterbury. Establish meaningful and viable partnerships with any other organisations on site.

For Resources: To maintain sustainable and quality finances, facilities, and staffing resources to help deliver our ministries.

8. Facilities. Improve the access and amenity of our land and facilities so we approach community standards. Provide quality hospitality for ministries on site, and maintain our facilities well.

9. Finances. Build a broader financial platform for church life that includes regular sustainable giving as well as income from other sources.

10. Staffing. Define a staffing model that provides substantial long term positions and a broad mix of practical and theological skills.