Our STaff

  • GORDON WILD, senior pastor


    Gordon has been the Senior Pastor here since 2010. His delights in encouraging people's in their faith in God and their life with others. He is keen to see people and congregations become agents of change. He is also commited to supporting the ministries of Whitley College and of the Canterbury Council of Churches. Coming from a background in youth work and community development, he has been in full time christian ministry for over twenty five years. He previously served the Baptist churches at Ivanhoe, Collins Street, and West Prestion. He has also spent four years working with Baptcare and the Baptist Union of Victoria empowering over 70 Baptist congregations to become involved in local community ministries.      

  • Keith chessell, associate pastor - Ministry groups


    Keith has been the associate pastor at CBC since 2003. Along with his wife Helen they came to Canterbury Baptist to undertake pastoral care and start up the connect small groups ministry . Over recent years Keith’s role has changed with his responsibilities to support the Ministry Groups that underpin weekly life here at CBC.  Keith and Helen make an excellent team and cover many aspects in daily goings on at our church. If you are a visitor to CBC, lookout for Keith by the entry for a welcoming greeting and any helpful guidance.


  • Joy Marshall, associate pastor - family and community ministries

    Joy has over twenty years experience in ministry with children in churches, and 'even more' in wider life. A mother and grandmother, she delights in making creative spaces to nurture the whole child, in active cooperation with the parents of our church and wider community. Joy has completed an Advanced Diploma in Theology, and is now completing a degree in Counselling. 

  • Mandi Cudlipp, associate pastor for youth

    Pastor Mandi leads our ministry with secondary school age young people. She also participates in our young adults programs. Mandi ensures young people feel supported and have a strong sense of belonging in their lives. She achieves this through our regular youth program called 'Oxygen', as well as contributing to our Sunday night services. Mandi has completed a degree in Psychology and a Masters of Occupational Therapy. 

  • Natasha Sawtell, OFFICE MANAGER

    Natasha joins us from a successful career, training people in high quality service provision across a range of fields. She brings a personal touch to daily life at Canterbury, as well as providing a backbone to the organisation's ongoing operations.